Luxury Villa International provides very important services to customers from the moment of choosing the location and characteristics of the property. Personal Realtor consults with an architect and interior designer. The pursued goal, after a detailed analysis and study of a residential or commercial area, is to design your dream home in the aggregate aspects of urban planning, modern technology, architecture, design and appearance.

Luxury Villa International attracts highly skilled artisans who are able to implement any project.

Designing begins with a fact-finding conversation with the customer and his family. In order to provide a functional proposal to the customer, we ask him to tell us about his wishes, about his visibility of residential premises, taste, we discuss the volume of space, light and the environment. In order not to damage the territory, a very important role is played by a careful analysis of the location of the object, the surrounding landscape, the distribution of internal spaces, and the history of the building.

Luxury Villa International leads clients in the creation of a new home, its repair and reconstruction from the beginning of design to its full completion all the way to the final details of the interior: built-in furniture, lighting, paintings, accessories, etc.

  • introductory conversation
  • property visit
  • analysis of the condition of a residential or commercial property
  • presentation of the first project
  • project changes
  • final project: drawings with a detailed list of construction work, infrastructure, lighting and interior
  • beginning of work


In the design of gardens and terraces, work is carried out as in the construction of real estate: inspection of the object, measurements. Further, the customer is offered several preliminary options to choose from.

Designing the spaces around the house involves not only their distribution and functional organization with a selection of materials, but also, mainly, the study of the location (direction of light, sunlight, landmark, direction of winds, etc.) for the selection of trees and flowers for the garden.

Luxury Villa International collaborates with highly professional staff (agronomists, engineers, botanists …) attracting them to work on each individual project.

The customer is accompanied by us throughout the implementation of the entire project. To help the customer build their dream home, the architects will provide answers to any working questions.


A swimming pool plays a very important role in prestigious real estate properties at sea: many are not limited to just a swimming pool, but are looking for something more that will give their home a special zest. Customers ask themselves the following question: how to build a modern and “trendy” pool?

Designers and architects love that the customer provides them with freedom of action, and as a result, creativity, move to a new level of creating a pool not as a “big bath”, but as part of the interior.

It is following the above aspects that PERSONAL REALTOR appeals to the most competent professionals in creating pools, working closely with architects to get the result that will give the object exclusivity and originality.