Luxury Villa International according to the requirements of each customer is engaged in the selection of real estate and the organization of their review. The selection of real estate is carried out according to location, prices and architectural characteristics. The viewing is organized after the maximum number of acceptable objects according to characteristics.

Why choose our personalized property search services?

  • Have you ever thought about the big benefits of dealing with only one realtor? With a professional realtor! With someone who has been working in real estate in Liguria and the Cote d’Azur for over 15 years.
  • What is the role of a realtor who deals fully with all aspects of a sales transaction?
  • How important is the factor of providing the services of professional personnel, such as: lawyers, designers, architects and builders?
  • Do you want to save time, money and frustration?

How we are working….

  • Together with you, a detailed questionnaire is filled out, in which your wishes are precisely defined.
  • Real estate items are selected that can best suit your requirements.
  • After identifying suitable properties, we carry out their technical and economic assessment.
  • Thanks to us, you will purchase real estate at the lowest possible price, we will accompany you including notarization.

Luxury Villa International is engaged in the search for residential, commercial and industrial real estate at the request of the buyer.

Work on the BUYER MANDATE system (on behalf of the buyer):

– meeting with the customer and characterization of real estate

– territorial search of objects, including in cooperation with other real estate agencies, selection, visit and their assessment.

– feasibility study and design options with planning changes.

– preparation of an offer, preliminary contract and certificate of sale

– determination of a more optimal financial resource for a buyer

Work on the SELLER MANDATE system (on behalf of the seller):

–  interview with customer

– receipt and selection of technical documentation, photo and shooting by a drone of a property

-territorial study of the market (including in cooperation with other real estate agencies), a real assessment of the value of the object (in order not to put it up for sale at an overvalued cost, which leads to loss of interest on the part of buyers)

– preparation of an offer, preliminary contract and certificate of sale


Luxury Villa International collaborates with two well-known law firms from Sanremo and Parma, who are experts in European corporate law and legislation on sales transactions. Lawyers are ready to meet with you in advance to understand the issue (the first contact is free). This service plays an important role in order, together with the customer, to determine the terms of the contract / agreement and the contractor in accordance with the interests of the customer (individual or legal entity).


Luxury Villa International collaborates with major banking institutions offering differentiated lending conditions to foreign investors. Together with a personal realtor, the buyer can meet with banking institutions to assess the following conditions:

  • Housing Mortgages: Choose a Better Mortgage. Up to 100% of the loan of the value of the object.
  • House loan: loan for the construction or expansion of a property.
  • House renovation loan: financing the reconstruction and repair of a residential property.

Providing the above banking services will help the buyer decide on what amount he can count on to purchase his dream home.


To conduct a real estate purchase and sale transaction, the following documents are required:
– Fiscal code, address, current account. It is necessary to have a current account for all payments both for the purchase and sale transaction, and for paying bills for various services (housing and communal services). ccording to Italian law, you cannot pay cash in excess of 3 thousand euros. A personal realtor will fully help the client.
– Evidence of compliance of the property with the cadastre or permission to conduct construction work (or redevelopment and expansion of the property), and other documents to verify the cleanliness of the transaction. A personal realtor is a client’s referent who organizes the verification of the above documents by attracting professional staff.


Luxury Villa International has been collaborating with territorial experienced agencies with more than 15 years of experience and proven professional and organizational skills. They specialize in obtaining any type of residence permit. So, clients should not worry and face Italian bureaucracy, refusals due to documents not provided or incorrectly provided, etc.

A residence permit is issued by the Police Station, while permits for opening a company are issued by the Chamber of Commerce.

Luxury Villa International is also involved in obtaining certificates, documents and business administration in the Chamber of Commerce, the Court, the Prefecture, the Municipality, the Registration Department, the Tax Department, and in public and private institutions.

Our company also makes apostille transfers for banks, municipalities, etc.


Luxury Villa International, represented by PERSONAL REALTOR, is engaged in any aspect of real estate management together with the client, in order to provide him with the opportunity to familiarize himself with and understand the laws of this territory.

PERSONAL REALTOR is involved in connecting all utilities, house security (if necessary), repair and maintenance of the facility (electrics, water, garden, pool, etc.), cleaning the house by qualified employees who speak your language, escorting the client to schools for children , provides information on local infrastructure (supermarket, pharmacy, hospital, train station, motorway, etc.)

The above services in the first year of acquiring a home are free. The client can, for example, notify his personal realtor about his arrival, so the house will be prepared accordingly (cleaning, heating, car, supermarket).