Luxury Villa International is a reality of the Capital Management ltd group that operates in the business and real estate consultancy sector, as well as dealing with the management and development of commercial realities in Italy, Switzerland, France, Russia and the United States. Luxury Villa International boasts partnerships with companies and professionals with whom it is able to offer a wide range of services and solutions for agreements, negotiations and transactions of all kinds. Since 2011 Luxury Villa International has developed the sector of design, construction and renovation of prestigious and commercial properties, in addition to the creation of interiors and exteriors of hotel and residential facilities through the staff of Toscana Mobili, one of the most important Italian-Russian realities in the world of luxury that, thanks to its Italian architects, deals with the realization of 360 ° design projects, from materials to accessories to garden design. We use the most advanced technologies and the most modern methods; our employees are constantly updated to guarantee the customer the full achievement of the objectives.

Our staff are fully qualified and trained and their professional experience and at the customer’s service to meet every need.

Very often the client looking for a property in Italy or in France has to solve all the technical, tax, financial, financing, maintenance, necessary documentation, health services, and schools procedures. for children, to name someone who prepares the house before their arrival and many other details that oblige the customer to have many interlocutors with different characters and quality of service not always up to expectations.

Luxury Villa International has ensured that the client has a “tutor” from his first contact with whom he will interact until he considers it appropriate. This high-level professional figure is called “PERSONAL REALTOR”.

Real estate agencies and brokers display all the real estate at their disposal in the national database without thinking about the fact that the buyer who is looking for a house or apartment is not aware of the problems of bureaucracy, the specifics of the area, etc.
So many buyers, especially foreign ones, often feel discouraged after finding out that the broker does not fully or even misunderstand the requirements and priorities of the customer, and offers real estate objects far from desired.
Most clients prefer to deal with only one professional employee who works in a well-trained real estate company and is able to provide a full range of quality services.
Are you doubting, are you having difficulties, or questions about the property? Notary, Lawyer, Auditor, Utility Manager of multi-apartment buildings, Architect, Cadastral Service, Specialist in lease and sale transactions, mortgage lending – for all services you will receive free answers to your questions.

Thanks to the PERSONAL REALTOR , you will receive a personalized response from experts.


The PERSONAL REALTOR is an employee of Luxury Villa International, who in a only person deals with the buyer, and selects the necessary property. The approach is mutually beneficial, and gives excellent results.
The “PERSONAL REALTOR” is a trusted advisor of the company. Only he in a only person deals with the buyer. In cooperation with the company team, he is looking for acceptable real estate. The search is initially conducted in an extensive personal database, and then in the market, selecting potentially suitable objects presented both by private individuals and realtors. This gives customers confidence in the punctuality and accuracy of the task assigned to us. Luxury Villa International company carries out thorough technical and legal verification of client selected real estate objects (due diligence).


Working with PERSONAL REALTOR, the client receives the following benefits:

•  Efficiency and time saving.
Saving time because exactly we are engaged in the search for real estate. The buyer does not receive a huge quantity of letters from different agencies; we receive them and select according to customer requirements;

• Only one realtor / agency
The buyer has only one realtor. Such a system, and the openness of our work method, allow us to achieve comfort in communication and easily establish transparent relations of mutual trust;

• Quality of Services
The clearly verified quality of the services provided and the offered real estate mean for the client confirmation that he is dealing with high-level professional staff. In the real estate market, work with a group of professional employees has only one goal: “not to try to sell everyone your expenses, but to sell the right property that matches the taste of the client and his financial level.”

• Language
Without a language barrier. Our employees speak many foreign languages.

• Multiservice.
You get the following consulting services are provided by professional staff: legal, technical, fiscal, banking, notarial, architectural, financial, sanitary, procedural and work with documents. The first consultation is free.